Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me + Blue by Nicole by OPI

So despite press releases that claimed the Justin Bieber collection is sold out, I found a full display at my local Shoppers Drug Mart.   I picked up Me + Blue since I thought the colour was pretty, I wanted to check out what their new brush was like and more importantly, to send the polish to my 12 year old cousin in Barbados.  She has the Bieber fever bad!

I was somewhat disappointed with this polish.  The brush is really similar to the Sally Hansen Insta - Dri brush so that's good but I wasn't crazy about the formula of the polish.  It was a semi - matte/satin finish that dried very quickly but the glitter in it gives the polish the texture of an emery board.  I thought that a top coat would fix the problem but it didn't.  It was like it just soaked up the top coat!  Once the polish was on my nail it just didn't have the shine that it does in the polish but I'm sure that my cousin is going to like it either way.

Being an old lady, I don't have any interest in Justin Bieber but my sister said that if she were in elementary school, she would probably like him.  That got me thinking about the my two main grade school crushes I had back in the day:
The Incredible Hulk!  Man of My Dreams!
Ha Ha!  Just kidding, I was totally into Shaun Cassidy, just like millions of other girls at the time.  My room was plastered with pictures of him from Tiger Beat and all of those other sorts of teen magazines.  My crush continued for a while until some one new came along and kicked Shaun right out of my heart:

Yeah, I know...WTF! It is weird to go from teen dreams to imaginary aliens but I was able to identify with Mr. Spock in a way that others could not:  We are both of mixed race.  He's half Human/half Vulcan and I'm half Black/half White, so I understood his struggles with identity because I had them too.  Plus, all that repressing of emotions is kinda sexy! You can only hold back your feeling for so long before it comes blasting out of control...:)

Until next time, don't break a nail!

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