Saturday, November 5, 2011

Total Eclipse of the Heart From Color Blast by Orly

If you live in the GTA area, you may have noticed a new polish brand on their cosmetic shelves: Color Blast by Orly and frankly, I wasn't seeing anything in this line to really set it apart from the many, many others that are out there.  In fact, I didn't see anything different in the polish that I ended up purchasing, Total Eclipse of the Heart.  It's a green/purple, shimmer intensive, duochrome...
and that's a long description for something that although it is very nice, it's no standout from an already crowded market.  Now, that's not necessarily an insult because if you wanted to pick up MAC's Mean & Green from the Venomous Villains collection but missed out, this is a fair substitute.

TEFTH is surprisingly the greener of the two but they are kissing cousins. I would be remiss not to give props to the formula which was good, applied easily and didn't chip after three days.  It may be a new line but Orly's been in this business for a while now and if they are going to be asking for nearly $10 CDN for a bottle of drugstore polish, they need to step it up in terms of shades and innovation.

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