Saturday, December 31, 2011

New York Color's Fall 2011Collection: Backstage Brown

It's pretty clear that I wore New York Color's Backstage Brown for at least 3 days before I ended up taking a photo of it and as with Underground Purple, I'm again not really seeing where they're getting the idea that the colour they are seeing is "brown".  Out of the 3 polishes of the Fall 2011 collection, this one is my favourite but I would call it more of a honey colour than I would call it brown.  I guess if it were called "Backstage Honey" that could conjure up some seedy connotations (or if you just have a dirty mind).  The formula is a bit  streaky  but also provided good coverage in two coats and wore well for 3 days before signs of wear began to show.  I would call this an all year round colour and would definately go back to it during the summer months.  And speaking of years, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope than that the next 366 days (it's a leap year) brings you and those you love, a great many good things and good times!

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