Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kennedy by Zoya

This one's my second purchase from Zoya's Touch line and now that I think about it,  sort of wish that I'd sprung the cash for the entire line.  There's just something about a simple neutral creme polish that I just love.  sure, it's not edgy or hip bit it's being a long time since I cared about that sort of thing!  the formula and the application were very good.  The coverage was even in two coats, applied smoothly and evenly, and dried fairly quickly as well.  If you don't already own a light beige creme polish then Kennedy would be a good choice.  

Kennedy, I wonder what was the inspiration for the name choice?  When I hear that name I usually think about this...

Beauty & Talent!

Which usually makes me think of this...

Bom Chicka Wow Wow!
Which then makes me think of this...

Which One Are You?  Jackie or Marilyn?
Which makes me think why would you want to be either one if you could be a Joannie?

Notice That All of This Dudes Erections Are Carefully Hidden!

Can't Wait for March 25th!!!

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