Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection

Evening Rose
I haven't been posting much of late.  I have been suffering from an illness (that has now been compounded by personal upsets) and it is draining me of my motivation and the medications that are meant to help me through my illness leave me incapable of doing little else but drag my butt into work and/or sleep for 15 hours straight (Honestly, I'm not getting why people think this oxycodone stuff is so great). But I'm trying, so I just had to post about 2 things that still give me some kind of good feelings.  Estee Lauder cosmetics and Mad Men, or more specifically, The Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection.  

For the Betty Draper in YOU!
That phrase alone got my attention but I was kind of disappointed to see the collection consists of only two pieces:  A very pretty lipstick and a cream blush that someone my age can't get away with using (mix creme blush and foundation and it results in mud on my face) and nothing nail polish.  I was just about to break my "no using your credit card for online purchases" rule since it looks like it will only be available at U.S retailer Bloomingdales but Estee Lauder helped to keep my wallet in my pocket with the collections very limited range of items.  Bummer...

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