Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gothic Lolita by China Glaze

I've been dealing with illness these last couple of months and because of this, I have been completely exhausted.  By the time I make it home from work (I'm waiting until I'm scheduled for surgery before I take sick leave) I barely have the energy to put my pyjamas on and crawl into bed.  And while I'm at work, the most common comment I get from my coworkers is "You look terrible!  Are you feeling OK?" I know that none of them are trying to insult me and they are genuinely concerned but it's still hard to hear it.  

As a result, I've been wearing much more colourful makeup and nail polish to try to draw attention away from my sickly appearance.  That's where a polish like China Glaze's Gothic Lolita from the Electropop collection comes in to brighten the mood!  Anyone who reads my blog knows I love purple and this one is one of the snazziest I've seen in a while.  It looks like a creme polish but upon closer inspection, you can see a very fine blue shimmer throughout...Nice!  Although it's a little patchy in it's application (as you can clearly notice on my ring finger). It's bright but not in a garish way and you could get away with wearing this in an office which is something you can't say for half of the collection.

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