Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mahogany Magic From The Hunger Games Collection

Looks like China Glaze is becoming my go-to brand when I looking for poop coloured nail polish.  Last year they gave us Trendsetter, the polish my cousin so aptly described as "baby poop and barf mixed together and then it flew in some one's mouth".  This year brings us Mahogany Magic from the eagerly awaited Hunger Games Collection.  I found quite a few nail bloggers comparing the tone to well, poop and I'd have to say that I'd wholly agree in the observation.  That doesn't mean I don't like the colour!  I do but it is not for everyone.  If you have a very pale complexion then I might say that MM is not for you.  I like it a lot but the formula was not my favourite.  It was really, really thick and if you take a look at the top of my thumb, you can see how that led to some problems with application.  A thick consistency to a creme polish can be a good thing but if it's too thick, you'll lose the ability to control the little details of an application.  But it was sturdy and lasted 3 days without a nick.

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