Saturday, April 7, 2012

OPI Adds Crackle Polish to Spiderman Collection, My Disappointment

And it's a damn shame, because if that was a regular polish, I would have snapped that thing up like it was a pretzel covered in chocolate and Skor bits!  If I didn't already have Chanel's Peridot I've bought that too.  Is it just me or does this new Spiderman movie just not have any buzz?  I'm a big nerd at heart and I just don't see the blogs I usually read talking about it at all.  They all shout about The Avengers but not about the Amazing Spiderman. Maybe it's too soon after the last series of Spiderman movies or maybe the marketers aren't doing that good of a job.  I can't say for sure but if you want my attention as a comic book movie goer, adding a little bit of Loki to it is always going to make your movie better.  I do not know what it is about him but this Tom Hiddleston dude just gives me the worst case of raging ladyboner I've had in years...

He's So Evil, If He Had a Moustache, He'd Twirl It.
In A Suit With Some Very Phallic Imagery...
Oh Come On!!! Talk About Phallic!
Make Out Already You Guys!
Here's the latest's what I have to make due with until May 4th, 2012!

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