Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dress Me Up from China Glaze

 When I look at Dress Me Up from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection in it's bottle it looks like a warm & dusty pink but once I get it on my fingers it takes on a much browner tone.  I suppose that it's because of my olive skin tone but this is still one of my favourite types of polish colour.  The formula was thick but not as thick as Mahogany Magic which made the application a lot easier to apply and it dried quicker than MM as well.  You can see a bit of wear in the polish but that after three days.

I have been roaming the streets of New York for the last few days.  Not to shop but to visit my family and get a much needed change of scenery...

And that scenery beats the CN Tower, hands down!
I'm glad that I bought my polishes from the Hunger Games before I got here because for one, I haven't seen them anywhere I've been shopping and two, I don't have the inclination too look too hard for them when confronted by Pershing Square's Truffle Potato Chips...

Yes, I ate the whole plate!

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