Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman Colours from OPI

Ahem...Glad to get that off my chest, again.  The Amazing Spiderman could turn out to be a perfectly acceptable movie but it's going to take me a really long time to find out if it is because of Andrew Garfield and his yucky behind...he just turns me off so damn hard...

Thank Goodness I didn't get turned off by OPI's Amazing Spiderman Collection though.  I wasn't looking too forward to the latest of the movie polish tie-in's since I found the quality of OPI polish in the past year to be significantly lacking.  It appears to be turning around because this collection seems to have gotten back to the kind of polish quality I'd come to expect from the company.

Call Me Gwen-Ever is a bright coral creme that is so pigmented that it went on streak free and almost opaque in just one coat.  And that's exactly how many coats I'm wearing in the photo above...one!  How's that for a big step back up to quality?  Now I've got to admit that Orange is not my favourite colour by a longshot:  I don't enjoy looking at it but I actually look fantastic in the colour so I've got a lot of it in my closet and in my makeup drawer. The one thing that I don't like about CMGE is it's name.  Considering the fate of Gwen Stacey in the Silver Age comic, well, Call Me Gwen-NEVER if that's what you consider "saving" some one's life...

Number One Nemesis is a dark green shimmer that needs at least three coats if you want to achieve a smoother and even coat.  It's pretty but it's way too thin and sparse that I can't really say that I'd recommend it highly.

But Into the Night is another story all together.  I absolutely love this colour!  A dark blue shimmer that otherwise defies a more detailed description for it.  It has the same kind of application issues as NON but it's so damn pretty I couldn't stop looking at my nails when I was wearing it.  That's hardly productive but come on, look at it.  I did not expect to love it so much.

Yeah, so I'd probably see the new Spidey if that Garfield guy didn't make my ladyparts dry up.  But if you read this blog, you already know what I like...Hey everybody!!!  What's green, has two horns coming out of his head and touches himself whenever I think about him?

Yeah Baby...Just Like That!

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