Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back In Blog...Pupa's Red With No Name & Tom Hiddleston All The God Damn Time

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to...I'm trying to get back into the swing of things after going through some changes, a bit of travel, got my hair done and have gone to multiple viewings of The Avengers.  Seems like all I do with my time is work, sleep for 15 hours straight and download pictures of Tom Hiddleston.  In fact, I've gotten so good at downloading pictures of Hiddleston I've been thinking of adding it to my resume as a "special skill"...

How Many Teeth Does This Guy Have In His Mouth?

That's Just Hot...
I Was Less Than 10 Miles From Him At The Time This Picture Was Taken, But Did I Know He Was in Town?  NO I DID NOT!!!

When I Look At This Picture, I Get Horny and No, I Am Not Joking.  I'm all "Hey Baby, Meet Me At My Place In 30 Minutes & Bring That Getup With You"

Who Do I Have To Kill To Get In The Middle of This Manwich?
If I get any more pathetic with this, I'm going to end up changing this blog from shehasgreenfingers.blogspot to alltomhiddlestonallthegoddamntime.blogspot.  It's that time at my house already.

Yeah, so nail polish!  This cute muted red is something that I actually picked up months ago and I wouldn't be surprised if I've already blogged about it and the clean forgot I did!  In any case, Pupa has been expanding its presence in Canadian drugstore in terms of polish as I've seen a number of displays pop up in the last month.  This kind of colour is a staple for me, I just love a good red creme and as I recall, I wore this for 4 days before I saw any sign of tip wear but not chips.  Other than that the formula was good.  Not extra ordinary but not terrible either.  Not a waste of cash!

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