Friday, August 13, 2010

Yodel Me On My Cell by OPI

Part of Opi's Swiss Collection for Fall/Winter 2010, I would describeYodel Me On My Cell as an shimmery auqamarine but it is a lot darker in the flesh than it is in this picture. I love to look at this colour and I find it's kind of between Sephora by OPI's Teal We Meet Again and Zoya's Tallulah. I applied 2 coats and as you can see, there is visible tip wear. VTW is an issue for some people but it isn't an issue for me most of the time.

It applied very smoothly as OPI usually does. I really love blue nail polish but I don't like how it can stain my nails so much that it looks like I have serious heart problems. I used a base coat underneath which I loathe to do since everytime I do, my polish chips instantly. This occassion was no exception and my manicure was ruined within an hour. I don't blame the polish, but I blame the base coat.

Stash it or Pass it: Stash it!

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