Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crystal by Zoya & Le Sangre by L'oreal

Crystal by Zoya

I just picked this up the other day as consolation for not being able to find a bottle of Kelly everywhere I went.  It's not a secret that I love blue nail polish but I'm not crazy about the extra amount of time and effort it takes to remove shimmers, glitters and flakies but look,  So pretty!  Crystal put me in mind of Opi's Absolutely Alice  because of the blue and gold colours but the similarities end there.  For a polish that's got blue, gold and sparkles like this polish does, I'm surprised that I would describe it as subtle but that's exactly what it is.  It's lovely!

The application went well and smoothly and the first coat dried very quickly and it was opaque in three coats.

Stash it/Pass it: Stash it!

I picked up Le Sangre by L'oreal at the drugstore and I believe that their Mysterious Muse collection has been available in the US since October but I hadn't seen it before.  I always keep telling myself that I have enough wine coloured polishes but when I see one that catches my eye, then all bets are off!

I found that this polish colour was a little bit more dusty than most of my other wine polishes, but that was what caught my eye in the first place.  Even though the polish seemed a little thick it went on smoothly, even with a few wonky hairs on the brush.  I don't buy many L'oreal polishes but when I have,  I haven't been disappointed with them, in fact, I'm downright satisfied!

Stash it/Pass it: Stash it!

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