Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shim - Merry Chic by OPI

Now that Halloween is past, I'm looking forward to Christmas and the first real snow of the season.  Although, I live in Toronto  and the natives think it snows a lot in this city.  It does NOT snow a lot in Toronto.  Been here 10 years and I swear, the snow has never been higher than my knees (I'm 5 foot 7 inches so I'm not short) yet when I head back to my home town of Montreal, the snow can reach up to my waist!   I'm looking forward to the cold!  I know, it's bizarre!

Anyways, this also means that I'm looking forward to Christmas nail polishes!  But until I buy some of this years polishes, I thought I'd revisit some older seasonal colours.  Here's Shim - Merry Chic from OPI's Holiday Wishes Collection from 2009.  It's a light bronze shimmer with warm coloured flakes and a small amount green & blue glitter.  When this came out last year, it seemed that a lot of the polish bloggers didn't really like it.  But I really liked it!  These kind of colours suit me well and the flakes & glitter is subtle, plus it wouldn't look too out of place in a conservative workplace, not that I find myself in conservative workplaces these days.

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