Tuesday, February 8, 2011

L’Oreal's Resist & Shine Titanium Matte in 500M & 501M

It’s time to play The Price is Right, unless some legal department tells me I have to take down this logo.  I was in Pharmaplus last week picking up some necessities but that never stops me from checking out the cosmetics aisle.  I came across the Resist & Shine Titanium Matte polish by L’Oreal and they were in clearance for under $3 CDN!  Yay!


I picked up 500M & 501M, two very pretty but very different reds. I had a little bit of bubbling with 501M, probably because I laid it on too thick and I didn’t have any problems on my other hand. They dry a little bit slower than other matte polishes but the results are worth it.  I was pleasantly surprised by these polishes, not because they look good but because for matte polishes, they had a lot of staying power.  In fact I did a ton of housework, including washing a big pile of dishes and there were no chips or wear.  Of course the polish didn’t last 7 days, they never do but when you consider how quickly the majority of matte polish doesn’t last five minutes it’s a big plus.

I do have one complaint though.  Look at this brush handle!  
 The gold cap is constructed to come off and what’s left is difficult to hold, let alone paint with.  If the nice flat gold cap didn’t come off, it would have been a really sturdy, great brush.  But no, they had to give us something roughly the size of an eyedropper tip.  Too bad!

Until next time, don’t break a nail!

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