Saturday, August 27, 2011

Essie's Brand New Bag Collection for Fall 2011: The Minis - Part One

Fall is on its way!  Yay!  Summer is great but Autumn is my favourite season. No more sweating, smog alerts, really smelly garbage, rumbling air conditioners, mosquitoes, open toed shoes, dudes on the bus whose deodorant gave up hours ago, girls in short shorts who should not be wearing short shorts, road construction...Hmmm, now that I come to think of it, I don't like summer all that much after all.  Have any of you noticed how bug repellent completely ruins your mani/pedi by making the polish soften up and take the shine away?  I hate that!

I'm looking forward to cooler days and fantastic fall foliage to photograph (try saying that ten times fast) and of course, fall clothes and makeup.  I have to concede that my recent loss of forty pounds requires that I buy new clothes but somehow, I'm resistant to spending the money on things that I actually need.  I never need polish but I'll always want it!
Lady Like
First up is Lady Like and that's an apt description for a colour like this.  A pinkish beige creme, it's a subtle colour which, most likely, would go with any item in your wardrobe without giving you that mannequin hand look.  That being said, I love the look of mannequin hands!  The application was pretty good.  This is two coats and it didn't streak, nor are there any bald spots.  If this colour is the kind you like, you wouldn't be wasting your money by picking it up.

Carry On
I need another wine coloured nail polish like I need an additional hole in my head or a third nipple!  But I keep buying them anyway because nothing says "Fall" like a deep wine creme polish.  Carry On makes me think of how, once the sun starts to set early, I switch from fruity white wines to deep Merlots & Shirazes.  I like how it's not extremely dark and somehow has a muted tone to the colour but I wouldn't call it an exceptional colour.  There were also a few bald spots as well.  What was exceptional about this polish was that I wore it for four days without a single chip and stayed glossy as well.  So it's a keeper in terms of durability.

So now I'm off to the 2011 Fan Expo Canada with one of my favourite people in the world...

This Guy!
Essie's Brand New Bag Collection for Fall 2011: The Minis - Part Deux!

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