Monday, August 29, 2011

Essie's Brand New Bag Collection for Fall 2011: The Minis - Part Deux

I'm back for part two of Essie's Brand New Bag Collection for Fall 2011!  Handbags, there was a time in my life when I wouldn't stop buying them, I guess it had something to do with the fact that no matter how fat I might get, my handbag would always be the right size: ditto for shoes, makeup and of course, nail polish.  I don't buy bags and shoes like I used to but I just can't shake the passion for polish!
Power Clutch
If there's one kind of handbag I've never owned, it's the clutch.  The name alone is the very reason that I've never bought one because I'd have to carry it in my hand all the time and when you're a city dweller and dealing with public transportation, you need both your hands free.  Luckily my free hands will look pretty while I'm wearing Power Clutch, a smokey, dark grey creme that looks glossy even after a day or two of wear without a top coat. Although I'm wearing two coats in this photo, I would recommend applying three coats as the polish was a little patchy particularly at the top of the nail near the cuticles.

Very Structured

Lastly is Very Structured, a warm red based creme.  I'm very sure that this colour will be the one that you'll find in that little basket that's always on the counter next to the cash at wherever it is that you buy your salon polish that's marked down because it was a slow seller.  I think that's too bad because this colour is my favourite of the mini collection.  There's just something warm and cozy about this colour, like cinnamon buns on a cold wintry night...

Not only that, but VS oddly matched the worn out finish on my art deco table that I bought for cheap in a consignment store.
Somehow Warm Brown & Blue Just Seem to Go Together.
Although it's my favourite colour in the bunch, it wasn't as shiny as the other polishes and didn't wear as long as well.  But that's nothing that a good top coat won't fix.

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