Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frozen Solid By Sally Hansen

Seriously, just look at the quality of that photo!  Terrible, just terrible it is!  Well despite that, you can still see how super shiny and very sheer Frozen Solid from Sally Hansen's redesigned bottle for their Hard As Nails line.  Even though Sally Hansen products were on sale at the place I picked this up, I only ended up buying this colour as I found the others in the display were too similar to ones I already had.  Although I like how this polish looks, I think that it just may be a little to light for my skin tone.  Some how it seems a little washed out to me.  If you want to achieve bottle colour with this one, you're either going to have to apply four or more coats (that's three coats in the photo) or you are going to have to start with a similar base colour. 

Frozen Solid, it made me think back to 1998 when I finally became a Madonna fan.  Not that I was ignorant of her emergence in 1983, I just didn't really enjoy the work she was doing that much.  I liked a few songs (Dress You Up, Express Yourself, Like a Prayer) but frankly I was weary of her constant omnipresence in the media that you couldn't go anywhere without seeing her belly button, ratty hair and gap teeth under a pile of rosaries, lace and jelly bracelets.

And Don't Forget, a Truckload of Makeup!
I guess I got used to her always being around, because when she released Ray of Light, I was blown away by it and now it's one of my favourite records of all time.  It just seemed to me that on this album, she finally abandoned shock value as a method of garnering attention and embraced genuine emotions for inspiration.  So I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs from that album, the appropriately titled Frozen.

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