Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zombie Zest by China Glaze & Undead Overload

 I know I'm late to the 2010 Halloween party but I recently picked up a bottle of China Glaze's Zombie Zest from the Awakening collection..
With Flash
but somethings are better late than never. It`s a medium yellow green jelly finish with a large amount of shimmer/glitter.  The reflective particle colours vary according to the light it’s under.  In direct sunlight, you can see a lovely light blue highlight.  Under the flash, you still see the blue but yellow now comes into prominence.  This is two coats and, as you can see, it’s lighter on the nail than it is in the bottle but I think that three coats would have brought it up to its bottle colour.  One of the things that I like about this types of finishes is that they take less time to dry than say, a crème finish would (even though crème finishes are my favourite) I love green nail polish but I didn`t think that I would be so fond of a colour that looks like Linda Blair threw up in 1973.

I’m suffering from Undead Overload.  Zombies have become the fruit flies of supernatural pop culture, no matter where you go, they’re always buzzing around everywhere and they are hard to get rid of.  It seems like nobody will stop going on & on about them as if they had something new to add to their mythos.  I guess I’m just bored by the whole zombie rigmarole.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed anything with zombies in it.  Shaun of the Dead is one of my favourite films and so is 1985’s Return of the Living Dead and the hard to find 1974 Blaxploitation film, Sugar Hill.  What I really like about these two films is that they actually provide the zombies something that other films lack: motivation.

In Return of the Living Dead, the hapless humans capture the top half of a female zombie and point blank ask her why the undead are insane for our membranes...
It makes the pain go away...
OK eeewww!  But, that’s right!  Live human brains are the zombie crack that takes the edge off of being dead and continuing to decompose.  Thanks dead lady!  It makes so much more sense now! 

In Sugar Hill, the zombies are nowhere near as articulate but they still have motivation as they are the remains of dead slaves that have been magically raised up from the grave to take revenge on the white gangsters that killed the heroine’s boyfriend.  
So. Bad. Ass.
I’ll tell you one thing: some girls are not going to let little things like slavery and being dead for almost 100 years stop her from getting her nails did!

Seriously!  She is Wearing Polish!

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