Monday, August 8, 2011

In a Blink Blue with Captain America

This series of photos marks the last round of grainy, non macro images that I’ll take as I’ll be getting a replacement camera this week.  Yeah, digital photography has so many advantages (like giving me the ability to create this blog) but honestly, I still prefer a good old fashioned camera with film.  I felt more in control of the image somehow.  So until I pick up my new camera, enjoy these grainy and fuzzy images of Sally Hansen’s In a Blink Blue...
In a Blink Blue from the Instra-Dri line is a royal blue shimmer and to me it sort of looks like a superhero blue to me.  The formula was a bit thick and sticky and the brush so the polish dragged on my nails. Although the brush is wide, it wasn’t evenly cut so application was a bit of an issue for me.  The stickiness caused some bubbling on my thumb (which you can see in the photo) but it did dry quickly.  Despite the not that great formulation, I very much like it and I figure I’ll hang on to it.

Speaking of Superheroes, I went to see Captain America and I really enjoyed it a lot, almost as much as I liked Thor and that was awesome. When it comes to comic books, I’m a DC girl not a Marvel girl so it bothers me a little that Marvel Studios is pretty much kicking the ass of DC films (the Batman franchise is the exception) but Marvel’s decision to tie all their properties together and treat the films like the comics by keeping the characters in the same universe was a brilliant choice.  It makes you feel as if you have to see Iron Man, Thor & Captain America before the release of The Avengers.

But I Thought This Guy Was the Human Torch!
Basically it’s about an American 98 pound weakling who gains superpowers and goes off to fight Nazis during World War II.  Nazis!  Besides Neo-Nazis, who doesn’t love to see them get their asses kicked?  Nobody, that’s who!  So you pretty much can’t go wrong when they’re the main villains.  But you know what makes it even better?  When the main Nazi looks like this...
Dude, You've Got Something On Your Face!
What I really liked about this film is that it’s an old fashioned adventure movie, just like grandma used to make, or in this case, Steven Spielberg.  Because if you like Raiders of the Lost Ark, you’ll definitely like Captain America.  I don’t know what it says about me but I think I’m in the minority when I say that I liked Steve Rogers better before he had superpowers.  
Sure, he finally realized his potential and became a great leader when he gained superpowers but he was that person before all that happened.  He was so sweet and had so much heart I just wanted to punch anyone who was mean to him, especially since he was unable to punch anyone himself.   

I thought it would have been nice if his love interest, Peggy Carter, had shown him some real compassion, not politeness, before he became a Men’s Fitness cover boy.
How Do You Feel?  And By That I Mean, Can I Touch Them?
Sure, now she likes him!  If there’s one element that adventure films need, it’s a sense of humour and there are laughs in this movie, especially during a montage of Captain America and his Allied buddies run ram shod  all over Red Skulls operations:
I laughed so hard I could have wet my pants!  Hat’s off to Hugo Weaving for being so awesome that he can emote through all that latex.  

What was also nice was how involved the audience was with what was playing out onscreen.  They got mad when a trampy WAC hit on Cap and actually erupted into a chorus of “Woooooooooo!!!!” when Steve & Peggy finally kissed.  
You would have thought the scene was “filmed in front of a live studio audience”.  I don’t go out on dates that often, but I would actually call this a date’s got something for the ladies...and for a certain kind of man!

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