Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kismet By Nars

Kismet: the Turkish word for destiny.  I still don't know what goes through people's minds when they name a polish.  Maybe they thought Fate had conspired to create this super bright yellow shimmer from Nars.  I wouldn't call this polish a gold colour by any means, despite the shimmer.  Kismet is an all and out yellow. This hue is intense, certainly eye-catching and looks great when you wear it with a black and/or white outfit.  It's a fairy sheer colour and you can see my nails tips through two coats but it was a smooth application with adequate drying time.  I can't speak to it's durability this time around, since I only wore it for one day (we had a long weekend in Ontario and I wanted to cram in as many fun colours as I could before painting on some back to work shades.)  I find that this a fun colour but it is pricey.  I ended up buying this from Holt Renfrew since Sephora was out of stock and unfortunately, that drives the price up by a buck or two.  On the plus side: I got very pleasant and attentive service at Holt's, for me that's got to count for something.  It doesn't take two consultants to help me buy a product but that's how much help I did get when I picked this up.

According to IMDB, there are 23 films that have been called Kismet but the only one that springs to my mind would be the one made in 1944 that starred Marlene Dietrich.  I haven't seen this film but once one sees Dietrich in this get up... don't soon forget it.  Dietrich was 42 years old when she appeared in this film and was only six years away from becoming a grandmother!  I know makeup and lighting can hide a lot of flaws but you couldn't make someone looker thinner back then with computer trickery.  I'm roughly the same age as she was in this photo, I may have lost almost 40 pounds and am a few pounds away from a size 8 but I could never get away with wearing what she's got on!

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