Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Francisco by Sinful Colors

Check up the super duper nail failure that is Sinful Colors’ San Francisco.  I get that they are one of the more inexpensive polish brands out there and I have really liked the other polishes that I've picked up from them but SF is just...well, it’s awful!  A lot of Sally Hansen’s polishes are cheap too but you don’t see this sort of mess coming from that company.

It’s a beauty in the bottle but when you get it on your nails, the formula is far too thin, (so is the brush) and that results in streaking and bald spots so awful, you’d think a naked 80 year old man just ran past a crowded school bus.  You’re looking at two coats with no opacity at all.  I’m guessing that would take 4 to 5 coats to achieve full coverage and that seems like too much trouble as far as I’m concerned.  Sure I could try some layering but my expectations were for a beautiful emerald like polish and not that patchy mess you see above!

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