Monday, September 26, 2011

Jewel of a Girl by Color Club

At least I think this is what this colour is called.  I found Jewel of a Girl by Colour Club in a boxed set that of the Untamed Luxury collection from a few years back at Winners.  Shopping at Winners can be tricky at times, especially when you’re buying makeup.  Most customers don’t think anything of opening almost every single package on the shelf, sticking their filthy fingers into every item, ruining any sterility it might have had and rendering it unsellable.  When you actually find something that has been untouched, you feel like you have to buy it because you were lucky to enough to find it unsoiled.

But the other catch to buying at a place like Winners is that what you get could be factory seconds.  When I looked up the Untamed Luxury collection online, some of the polish names didn’t seem to match up with what was in the box and none of the polishes were labelled either.  That in itself was a bit of a disappointment but there’s an upside:  This is a decent quality polish.  Granted, the brush is terrible.  It’s so thin, you’d think you opened a bottle of Revlon, so that’s a hassle as far as application goes and there was nothing too special about the longevity either.  However, the formula is quite good.  Just look at the deep burgundy opacity that was achieved with just two coats.  Now that’s what I call pigmentation!  Sort of makes you want to crack open a nice Merlot and just kick back for the evening.

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