Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stila Gives Nail Polish Another Try

Stila has gotten back into the nail polish game after being out of it for several years.  When the Daring & Delicate nail polish sets were announced a lot of people thought that this was the first time they were offering polish but this isn't the case.  



I'm not sure why Stila stopped making polish. Maybe it wasn't profitable at the time but my sister and I had liked what we had bought enough to have hung on to them all these years.

Way back when, I picked up Rhea, a light pink sheer polish with just enough blue shimmer in it to make it a lavender colour.  It's light, fresh looking and airy and it took three coats to get it to the opacity you see in the photo.  Achieving bottle colour would require patience and probably 5 coats but lucky for me I like a sheer look sometimes.

Nymph is a very sheer orange with a light infusion of fine glitter.  The fact that my nails are stained yellow is actually not doing this pretty polish any favours but it would make a great topcoat for another nail polish or just over nails that are not as stained as mine.  One of the things that I had likes about Stila polish is the bottle shape.  The handle wasn't that great but at least the bottles were really slim and stored nicely.

I'd like to give Stila polishes another try, but I'd rather be able to pick individual polishes instead of picking up a set with colours that I might not be totally interested in having.  Maybe if these sets sell well enough, I have that option!

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