Saturday, November 26, 2011

China Glaze Sues Lionsgate for $10 Million Bucks Over "Hunger Games" Collection

Looks like it just got ugly in the world of film marketing and cross branding. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that American International Industries, owners of the China Glaze brand, have filed a $10 million law suit for breach of contract against Lionsgate Studios. Apparently the film studio is claiming that a deal with the polish manufacturer was only in the discussion phase and wasn't finalized.  Really the only thing that I'm honestly curious about is this:  Will this collection still be made under a different name?  I really wanted to pick up what would have been Primrose, Baker's Son & Flaming Gems.  Frankly the majority of the collection looks pretty so here's to hoping that once all the dust settles, we can still get our fingertips on some new polishes.

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