Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New York Colours Fall 2011 Polishes: Scene Stealer Grey

It's so nice when you get an actual sunny day in which to photograph your polish with! We just are not getting a lot of bright days in the GTA these last few weeks and nothing really brings out the accuracy of colour like the rays of the sun.  I've had these polishes for a few months now but I hadn't had enough time to get around to posting about them.  With big collections like OPI's the Muppets and MAC's Gareth Pugh (those photos are coming soon...I promise!) a smaller collection like one from New York Color can get left behind.  So last but not least, here's Scene Stealer Grey from their Fall 2011 collection.  This polish is more of a gun metal or deep silver than it is a grey.  When I think of the colour grey, I tend to think of creme finishes and not so much about shimmers.  The formula is a bit thin, if you take a look at the top of my pinkie nail, you'll see a bit of a bald patch and the small brush was a little bit of  a challenge application wise but all and all, it's still a good buy for less than $3 CDN

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