Monday, December 26, 2011

Emerald Empress by Sally Hansen

Christmas has come and gone, I am tired, tired, tired and the holiday season isn't even done yet as we still have New Years Eve to look forward to or contend with (depends on how you look at it).  I haven't had too much time for posting but I just had to take some time to drool over Sally Hansen's Emerald Empress from their Insta-Dri Line.  This polish straddles a fine line between blue and green but regardless of what your eye thinks it sees, it's still seeing a beautiful colour.  This deep shimmer polish had full coverage in two coats and true to it's name it dried very quickly.  It also had very good wear time as this picture was taken 3 days after application.  The Insta-Dri line is 50/50 when it comes to durability so it's great that this one lasts a bit longer than others.  The obvious downside to a polish like this one in the unavoidable staining of the nails that these kinds of colours cause.  So be prepared to take some extra time for removal.

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