Thursday, December 8, 2011

Warwick Way by Nails Inc.

Warwick Way with Flash
Every once in a while, I'll pick up a polish that just absolutely refuses to be photographed properly.  Warwick Way by Nails Inc. is one of those polishes.  I was genuinely happy to finally see this UK brand finally make it to Canadian store shelves via Sephora and even though their initial offerings are limited, I still picked up 3 of them to give the brand a try.  It's a stunning blue teal creme which IS NOT how it photographed at all.  Sunny days are in short supply in the GTA and usually, I get good results with flash photography but this polish just can't be captured...
Warwick Way in Overcast Light
And it's still not right!  It's just such a deep and rich tone with a great amount of shine.  There's no top coat on my nails and it's so glossy that when you rub your finger across your nail, the polish squeaks!  I used two coats but some may want to go for three as you can still see your nail line through the polish.  It was quick drying and even though the brush wasn't special, it was workable.  Here's to hoping the line expands trough Canada!

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