Monday, December 12, 2011

Scarab by Illamasqua

I was excited a few weeks back when I found that Sephora was now carrying Illamasqua nail polish in Canada.  I couldn't wait to try out this imported brand that so many bloggers were raving about.  Scarab was one of the colours I picked up because I can't resist any makeup that's bug related.  Well, my excitement turned to excrement soon enough as this was the single most horrible experience I have ever had with a nail polish!  It was so awful, I hardly know where to start...No, wait!!! I know!  How about I start with the GIANT HUMAN HAIR THAT WAS IN THE BOTTLE!

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!!!
At first I thought that it was just a defective brush but as I pulled it across my nail it just got longer and longer and worse and worse.  This is how long the hair ended up being...

That in itself is bad enough but then something happened that has never happened to me before even after 30 years of polishing my nails:

It dripped! The polish dripped all over my nightstand and ruined my spiffy little place mat/decor.  I tried to rub it out but now it just looks like dried blood.  And on top of that, the bottle cap was excruciatingly difficult to hold. I nearly dropped it several times, so it's a miracle that my application turned out neat and even but after that massive hair in the bottle, I'm not even sure why I continued to use this accursed cosmetic.  Sure, it's a nice colour and it had good wear but after all this crap, so what!  I have another colour from this line that I haven't used yet but at this rate, I don't think I want to anymore.

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