Monday, January 9, 2012

Kristen by Zoya

It has been quite a while since I've been downtown and checked out the Trade Secrets underground between Bloor subway station and Holt Renfrew.  The salespeople in there are not the happiest campers but when I can't find a polish or everyone else is sold out, I know that I can find it there.  This was the case with Zoya's Feel collection from 2011.  I couldn't find it anywhere but got lucky a few weeks back.  Kristen is a light blue grey creme that just misses the boat on being neutral enough to wear to work at an accounting firm.  In fact whether the colour is blue or grey depends on what kind of light you happen to be standing under at the time.  Daylight gives it a bluer cast, office lighting can  make it a little drabber.  But when I say "drabber" I don't mean it as a bad thing.  Kristen is the kind of polish that I like to refer to as "clean".  It's something you wear when you want a simple classic look to you nails and I'll always be down with that.

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