Monday, February 27, 2012

Amazon's Flash & As Gold As It Gets

Anyone who knows me well, know that Wonder Woman is one of my favourite things and frankly I think that DC Comics reboot of the classic character is the best that series has been since it's relaunch in the 1980's but I'm not here to talk about that...L'Oreal's Amazon's Flash is one of the dumbest polish names I've heard in a while.  When I read the name out loud, somehow it sounded like a microscopic fingernail was scraping across a chalkboard deep in  the classroom of my brain.  I wasn't wild about the polish either.  Not that I had any issues regarding application or formula:  it's a perfectly acceptable polish but it's just not really anything special.  Yeah, it's a shiny, shimmering gold that would work better as a top coat than as a stand alone polish but I think  the fact that I couldn't be bothered to try to get a better photo than the one I've posted here really demonstrates my my complete and total apathy towards it.  It's like it's the nail polish equivalent of my feelings towards the new Spiderman movie:

On Second Thought, No...This Guy's Ass is So Much More Underwhelming!

Actually, I hate that guy's ass a lot. I vomit a little bit in my mouth every time I look at this picture. I like Essie's As Gold As it Gets a lot more than Amazon's Flash, probably because it wasn't pretending to be anything else but a top coat.

As Gold As It Gets Over Maybelline's Natural Beauty
I intentionally chose a warm toned neutral colour as a way to judge just how sparkly is. I felt that if I applied it over a red or a black polish it would stand out anyways, just based on the unavoidable contrast that would naturally occur and that wouldn't be the best way to judge it.  I really like this combination quite a bit as I liked seeing a little bit of extra flash to an extremely neutral polish colour but if you want more flash, you'll have to apply a second coat.  It also dried much faster than AM so if you find yourself in a pharmacy with AM in one hand and AGAIG in the other, pick up the Essie polish.  It's just the more versatile choice.

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