Monday, March 5, 2012

Fossil Grey by Gosh

I had my eye on Fossil Grey for a few months now but I kept holding off hoping for a sale rather than pay full price for it.  Now, that attitude make me a little cheap, as their regular price isn't very high, $6 CDN at the most.  However, once it was reduced it set me back an astronomical amount of $2!

Of all the grey polishes I own, this cool toned grey with silver shimmer reminds me the most of wet cement.  The texture was different as well..  It had shine to it but it appears subdued.  More like a satin finish than a shimmer, Fossils Grey could easily look glossy or flat, depending how the light hit it (which is fairly well illustrated in the above photo).  It applied very smoothly but I'm not sure if it was the polish or the fact that my nails were still sleek from my very first manicure (more on that later) and it wore for 3 days without a nick.  I'm pretty fond of this polish.  I've only got a few items from Gosh, lipstick & blush, but I'm happy with the line so far.   I also like their package design as it mimics some of the higher priced brands without the high price.  It might me hard to find but if you find yourself in a Shoppers Drug Mart and you're thinking about picking it up, remember that a cup of coffee from Starbucks will cost you more but the polish last so much longer than a tall latte.

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