Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hampstead Gardens & Gatwick by Nails Inc.

I'm really getting to like Nail Inc. nail polish quite a bit!  Although I've only got 4 bottles from the line (all of them picked up at a GTA Sephora), I'm quite found of them...even the glitter polish.  I found Hampstead Gardens in a clearout bin for $5 CDN and I completely love it!  Sure, it almost looks like I've smeared mustard all over my fingers but what's not to like about that?  Mustard equals hot dogs and hot dogs equal tasty BBQ!  Definitely what some would consider a fall colour.  This had a good formula and application and there was full coverage in 2 coats.

Although I'm still into matte finishes, I can understand why trend that keeps coming back goes away just as quickly: The Formula!  The vast majority of matte polishes chip away within a few hours of application.  Gatwick (also $5 CDN in the Sephora clearout bin) was no exception here.  It's a beauty rose red but as you can see, I had major issues with its chipping off in no time at all.  Matte polishes dry extremely quickly but they are also much thicker than regular polishes.  Retouches take only a few minutes but the texture will make every flaw on your nail show up, as evidenced by my index finger. 

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