Monday, July 9, 2012

Snow White & the Huntsman by Deborah Lippman

Dark Side of the Moon
Prelude to a Kiss
When Deborah Lippman's Snow White & the Huntsman duo was first introduced, I had figured that we be getting a pair of original colours but it seems that the only thing new about these two polishes is the box that they came in!  Dark Side of the Moon (a deep wine) and Prelude to a Kiss (a light ballet pink) are part of the existing line and aren't unique in any way. But on the plus side of the situation, you'd been getting two full sized polishes at a lower price than buying them separately and that's definitely an advantage.

Both of these polishes have a great formula.  There's just something really smooth and flexible about DL polishes that makes them more shiny than the majority out there and they are more durable than most.  Both polsihes lasted 4 days without noticeable wear but both needs 3 coats for total coverage, especially PTAK because of its light colour.

Ask me which colour I prefer, I'll say that PTAK beats of DSOTM because it's just tough to top a good neutral.  They go with everything and frankly, I got a ton of compliments when I wore it.

I didn't go to see Snow White & the Hunstman but my sister did and said it was boring.  I took take her word for it and then I went to see the Avengers for the thrid time.  I wonder why I would do that...


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