Monday, July 2, 2012

Spa Ritual's Sage

Since I started blogging about polish, Spa Ritual was just one of the premier salon brands that always seemed out of my reach for more than one reason:  No retailer I knew of stocked it, I wasn't ordering anything on the internet etc... so it was always a brand I hoped I'd find somewhere, sooner or later.  As you can imagine, I was pretty happy to find a 5 bottle gift set of Spa Ritual nail polish in a Winners back in my hometown of Montreal for the dirt cheap price of $15 CDN when it can normally retail for $13 CDN and up.

Well, my happiness quickly turned into one hell of a disappointment as I soon discovered that this is one of  the worst quality nail polishes I have ever perchased.  Sage certainly looked like a promising shade.  I'm a sucker for a nice taupey shroom but the polish just wouldn't dry.  I had polished my nails in the morning (the day before I took this photo) but despite having had the polish on all day long, I woke up to the imprint of my bedsheets squished into the polish.  That's just awful!  I wore it for two days and never in the whole time did the polish ever set.  It just stayed soft the whole time and just became a worse and worse mess as the day went along.  I was able to dent the polish with my fingernail right into the polish up to 48 hours after application.  Now this polish is just sitting on one of my night tables with the remaining 4 polishes that I don't have any motivation to use since Sage was practically garbage...Oh well, there's always Hiddleston...

And His Leather Pants!

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