Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ok, I'm Giving This Nail Art Thing A Try...

But bear with me as results may vary!  I'm starting to give nail art a try since I have so much polish (but not a lot of time on my hands) that I thought I should at least give some new things a try ever once and a while.  Plus it's a learning experience and I just haven't had enough of those lately.  So a couple of weeks ago, my sister, my long time buddy and one of my employees trundled off to the AGO's Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris which offers a rare opportunity to see some of his greatest works without having to go all the way to Paris.  I liked the exhibition but I think that my tastes lean more to Chagall, there is far less of an giant ego in his work than the giant ego that seeps out of almost everything Picasso did.  Oh well, personal tastes!

But I just wanted to wear something a little different that weekend, so I opted for some layering with 3 different polishes. I simply applied the coats in smaller areas.  For the base, I used Mac's Liberty of London in Blue India.  It's a dark & slightly dusty blue creme.  The second coat applied was Little Italy from New York Colour's Minute Quick Dry.  This colour is simply an opaque white creme, defiantly a shade that I would never wear on my own (and a little streaky I might add...). The third and final coat I used was China Glaze's Westside Warrior, a dark green creme which I reviewed last year.  Here's the results:

It's a bit sloppy and I had some issues with bubbling but when you're applying up to six coats of polish that is going to happen.  Although I didn't have the steadiest of hands that day, I certainly do like the colour combination a lot and I liked the change from the usual straight polished nail.

My sister tells her coworkers that I am suffering from a severe case of Hiddles Palsy, an affection that causes me to stare at pictures of Tom Hiddleston while simultaneously smashing my face into my laptop screen all day long.  It's true but what I am going to do with my spare time anyways?  Date a real person?

LOL!!! NO F******G WAY!!!!
Real men can be such a bore....

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