Friday, September 21, 2012

German-icure By OPI, Every Month is Octoberfest & Unfor-greta-bly Blue

German-icure By OPI
Every Month is Octoberfest

When I picked up these two choices, my sister remarked “These are the same colour” and they definitely do look the same in the bottle but once you apply them.  You can really see the difference.  Side by side they both look like standard deep wines but Every Month has a much bluer base to it while German-icure, once I applied it, is straight up brown with my complexion.  I like it better on my nails than I do looking at it in the bottle.   The formula on both colours is strong.  They both only needed 2 coats for total coverage.  Despite their initial common tone, I like both since they are no fail fall colours.

Unfor-greta-bly Blue
I’m a sucker for blue polish.  All a polish manufacturer needs to do to get my to buy something from their collection is to put a blue one in it and they’ve pretty much made a sale.  After all the light blues and turquoises of the summer, this dark blue shimmer is a welcome site.  I wore this to work and didn’t get called out on it, so I guess blue polish is now an acceptable for the workplace or they just accept my quirks in personal style.  This stained my nails as well but it was nothing in comparison to the mess that Danke-Shiny Red left behind.

By the way, I broke my cell phone and can’t retrieve my old contacts so unfortunately for me, I’ve lost Tom Hiddleston’s personal phone number.  Can someone do me a favour?  The next time you run into Tom, please let him know that yes, I’ll have sex with you so please stop constantly begging because now you are embarassing yourself!  Also remind him to bring this outfit...

Don't Forget to Bring The Attitude Too.

And I’ll bring the pudding...

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