Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Danke-Shiny Red & Deustch You Want Me Baby? by OPI

Danke-Shiny Red

I can’t harp enough about how much I love this super shimmer red.  I ‘ve been hanging onto some very old Revlon polish that I believe I bought around 15 years ago because despite the fact that there are literally thousands upon thousands of polishes out there, it not easy to find a really great looking red polish like this one.  The formula and application for this polish is much better than OPI has been in the last year or so (and by that I mean the dismal quality of the Holland Collection).  The polish comes with one problem: it stained my nails so badly that it took twice the amount of time to remove it and I had to give my nails a buff to completely get rid of the splotches it left behind.

Deustch You Want Me Baby?
The colour orange has never been high on my list of favorites.  Something about a bad orange can make anything and everything look cheap no matter how much you paid for it. Despite the fact that I look great in orange, I have a good chunk of orange shirts and a pile of orange makeup just for that reason but not because it pleases my eyes.  Still, this is a lovely orange shimmer and an almost perfect fall shade.  I would recommend it more highly if the formula was a durable as Danke-Shiny Red is but unfortunately, it isn’t.

Anybody know what time it is?  Why it's Tom Hiddleston All The Goddamn Time...

Or as it's Known In My House, Sex O'clock!

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