Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guava Gleam By Revlon

Aww, man! Guava Gleam from Revlon was one of 2009 summer colours and although it's such a pretty, light and warm weather shade, it's problems are obvious. The application was a pain. This is two coats of streaky, bubbly inconsistency made more difficult by a very thin brush that hampered it's application.

I'm a consumer, not a beauty insider so I don't know for sure if Revlon has changed their formula in the past few years. It just seems to me that their quality has changed and not for the better. I've been buying Revlon cosmetics for over 25 years and they used to be my go to pharmacy brand. But that's changed for me in the last few years, as far as their nail products go. Their quick dry seems to be no longer available in Canada and most of the polishes that I have recently bought, particularly the shimmers, bubble when I put them on. I think it's pretty clear what my decision is going to be on this polish, I hate to say!

Stash it/Pass it: Pass it!

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