Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In the Buff by Mac Cosmetics

I picked up In the Buff while I was visiting my family in Barbados last June. I hadn't planned on buying this polish but Cave Sheppard department store was out of the lipstick that I wanted so I took a chance on it. I'm glad that I did because I love this colour. It's like a cardboard box or a jar of dijon mustard and I really like how it looks with my skin tone. It's a colour that you can wear to work but it has just a little bit of edge to it.

This polish applies beautifully. That's two coats in the picture and there's not one streak on my nails which is what I look for in a creme polish.

Ahhh, Barbados! I took too long to go back my roots, I can tell you that. I currently live in Toronto and I have to say, I do not like it here at all. I miss going to the beach all most every day...Sigh!

Every day is like this in Barbados!

Stash it or Pass it: If it's still available, Stash it!

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