Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toxin By Urban Decay

Today is a past blast! I dug into some of the older polishes in my home and adorned myself with Toxin by Urban Decay. It's kind of a sheer purple jelly with red micro-glitter that I could not resist when I saw it in a clearance bin at the Bay around five years ago. I only ended up wearing it twice: when I first bought it and the second time was today!

I didn't wear it for so long because the formula was a disappointment for me. The polish is much more sheer that it appears in the bottle and it took three coats to get to the opacity that is in the photo and there is still visible tips. Now it looks like I might have been wearing the polish for a few days since there is VTW, but this photo was taken immediately after I did my nails. The polish is still wet.

It's sort of a moot point as to whether I would recommend this polish or not since, to the best of my knowledge, Urban Decay doesn't make it anymore but maybe one might be tempted it they saw it on Ebay. I love to look at it in the bottle and with a lot of coats, it's pretty on your nails but I'm not sure if the effort is worth it.

Stash it/Pass it: Pass it!

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