Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Classic Camel By China Glaze

I just picked up Classic Camel by China Glaze this weekend. It is really similar in colour to MAC's In the Buff but Classic Camel has a light gold shimmer in it. I thought I would be mad at myself for buying two colours that are so close to each other but I'm not. I'm thinking that maybe I'll try a some nail designs with them or make some Frankenpolish, we'll see! Check out the comparison below:

Boy do I need a tripod! I've noticed on other polish blogs that Classic Camel looks more yellow on those with lighter skin tones than mine and that makes these colours more like neutrals on me. Although I like the colour I did have a couple of application issues: The formula was a little gloopy and there was a long piece of lint already inside the bottle that could have caused a problem but I was able to remove it.

All and all, if you wanted In the Buff but missed out on it, Classic Camel is a good substitute.

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