Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ruby Ribbon By Revlon

Oh boy! I really, really like how this polish looks. This is Revlon's Matte Suede line in Ruby Ribbon and I love how it looks on my fingers! It is such a Fall wine colour and the texture is smooth, not bumpy at all. Being a Matte/Suede it dries very quickly but chips just as easily too. I had a big chip on my right hand the very next day but I was able to cover it up fairly well. Actually, when it comes to Matte/Suede polishes I would rather pick up a drug store brand at half the price of a salon brand since the wear time is so short. But that's just me.

Stash It/Pass It: Stash It!


  1. That looks like a wonderful shade! :)

  2. It really is! They also had a forest green polish in this texture and I hope to post on that one soon. Thanks so much for your commment! You're my first ever! :)