Friday, September 17, 2010

Red Chrome By Sally Hansen

I adore this colour, Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen in Red Chrome, seriously, I love chromes but it's not really much of a red as it is a sexy pink to me. It's great that it dries super fast, in fact, too fast for me to do a neat job painting the nails on my right hand! My left hand looked great but the right, not so much...

And the chipping, don't get me started! I took this photo right before I went to bed for the night and when I woke up in the morning, it was chipped! But hey, just because the colour came off one way didn't mean that it wouldn't stick around another way, because when I removed it, it stained not just my nails but it stained my fingers as well. It took me twice the time, twice the cotton pads and a correction pen to remove it.

I know that a lot of manufacturers are hopping on the polish pen bandwagon but I am old enough to remember the last time they came around in the '80's and even though the polish pens now are vastly superior than the polish pens then, I just don't think this trend will last another 3 years.

Even though can see myself finding ways to use this polish pen, I shouldn't have to do that. A polish should stand on it's own or it's not worth buying.

Stash It/Pass It: Pass It!

For now, please enjoy these pics of Jared Padalecki. He has nothing to do with nail polish but has everything to do with being a hot piece:

Really, really hot!

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