Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ingrid By China Glaze and My Frankendupe

I finally got my hands on Ingrid by China Glaze. Since I don't buy anything online, I had some trouble tracking this colour down and had to wait a while until Trade Secrets had it in stock. In fact, I had to wait so long that I tried my hand at creating a Frankenpolish/Dupe out of OPIs You Don't Know Jacques and Curry Up, Don't Be Late. Actually, my mix didn't turn out that badly at all! Check it out:

Left: Ingrid, Right: My Frankendupe

I applied my Frankendupe to the pinkie of my right hand so that I could get a good comparison between it and Ingrid and it turned out to be slightly lighter than Ingrid but it's a pretty good try if I say so myself:

On My Pinkie: Frankendupe, On All Other Fingers: Ingrid

The colour on my pinkie is slightly lighter, more golden but all and all, a pretty good substitute if I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. All that being said, I do love Ingrid! It's just one of those great kind of Fall colours that I just can't resist. The application was much better than Classic Camel, also from the Vintage Vixen Fall collection, but I also had a problem with unexpected lint in the bottle that could have mucked up my manicure.

Ingrid: Stash It/Pass It: Stash It!
My Frankendupe: Stash It/Pass It: Stash It!

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