Friday, September 24, 2010

Rouge Andalou By NARS

Alas, I'm a brand new, lowly nail blogger with no following. So I don't have the pull to score a promo bottle the NARS super-culty colour, Zulu. So I'll have to make due with the NARS I already have and that is Rouge Andalou. Red polish is a staple of most polish collections but I have a big love of red shimmers, so my sister gave me this for Christmas. I like this colour so much that sometimes I just pull the bottle out of my collection just to look at it! Nothing glams a look up faster than adding red to it. It applies very well and is opaque in two coats but on the down side, it chips easily, so if I want it to last, Sech Vite is a must.

Stash It/Pass It: Stash It!

I leave you with an image of the lovely lady to which I always associate the colour red with:

Miss Dorothy Dandridge!

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