Thursday, September 9, 2010

Plum Seduction By Revlon

Even though summer is soon coming to an end and I'm busting out the Fall shades, my sister busted out Plum Seduction by Revlon for her latest manicure. Even though it's got plum in the name it's much more of a pink than a plum. It's a pretty colour and she didn't seem to have the application issued that I have been having with Revlon polishes lately, so that's a good thing! I'm going to hang on to this one. This was one of their summer colours from 2009 so there probably isn't that many of them floating around at this time.

Stash It/Pass It: Stash It!

Now that I have posted a pinkish polish, I can now post the photo of the hideous boots/sneakers that I saw in the clearance aisle at Winners a few weeks ago:

What the Hell?

Behold Beyonce's House of Dereon movie tie in for the 2009 Blockbusted film Obsessed! These rubber and plastic monstrosities were still sitting in the store, gathering dust and generating peels of laughter from teenage girls who scoffed at the fact that these shoes were trying to promote a movie. Even at $16.00 CAN, nobody wanted the bubblegum and gold clodhoppers and frankly, the only way Winners could get rid of these things would be to remove the security tag and pray that somebody steals them! Although, they look like they would give great ankle support.

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