Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Colour to Watch By OPI

If by chance I actually have any readers and you are from the US, you are probably thinking that I spelled the name of the polish wrong. Well, I'm Canadian and up here "color" is spelled "colour" and that is the way I like it. I finally got my hands on The Colour to Watch and I'd like to thank the staff at The Beauty Outlet at the corner of Yonge & Eglinton in T.O. for sending this polish from an out of town store to their location instead of having me run around town looking for it.

I love lavender but oddly enough, most of the lavender polishes I have are cremes so I was excited to see this lavender with a pretty blue shimmer in it. It's formula is consistent as it usually is when it comes to OPI and it took me three coats to get to this opacity but the dry time was fairly quick. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite because since I was travelling for Labour Day weekend and I didn't want to spend time doing my nails. It lasted 4 days without a chip with the added bonus of not chipping while I explored an abandoned building in Stratford, ON, which has got to be the cleanest city I have ever seen...

An Alley in Stratford, ON

I love this pretty colour and liked how well it wore and I'm glad the Beauty Outlet girls went the extra mile to keep my business!

Stash it or Pass it: Stash it!

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