Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween With Some Layered Polish

Rise Charming by OPI & Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen
Happy Halloween to anyone out there!  It's lightly snowing here in Toronto, so the trick or treaters are going to have to cover up their costumes with coats!  Boooooo!  I hate it when that happens!

As far as polish goes, I still wanted to take a little break from dark colours, so I dug out Yee Haw! by China Glaze from the Rodeo Diva collection a while back. 

It's a lovely peachy colour that I usually like for spring.  Peach and Orange colours often flatter me but I guess I was still feeling a little bit restless about colour choice.  The next day, I applied two coats of OPI's Fireflies on top of Yee Haw!  Here's the result:

Now that's a summer colour!  Peach with a yellow green shimmer.  Very pretty!  I'll definitely try this combination again.

This wasn't my only example of polish layering this week.  Although I had done this combination before, (as have many other nail bloggers)I didn't photograph it.  I layered Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen over black polish.  This time  used Onyx Rush by Maybelline because I wanted my dry time to be quick.  It's a great combination and the orange and green reflection sort of give it a Halloween feel:

The durability of this combination is very good.  I've started a Xmas temp job at a record store doing receiving in the back room.  I was handling product and lifting boxes all day long and I didn't have one chip to my polish at all!  On top of that, my manicure surprisingly matches the cover of the next record I plan on buying, The Easy Star All Stars Dubber Side of the Moon:

I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween!

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