Monday, November 8, 2010

Zulu By NARS With Envy by Zoya Comparison

I bought Envy by Zoya a while ago when the polish that I really wanted seemed out of reach.  Then NARS  reissued Zulu, one of the most sought after of nail polishes.  It was costly for me, but I bit the bullet and bought a bottle despite the price because I do love NARS cosmetics.  Zulu has it's pluses and its minuses.  As a plus, it seemed as if the formula has been improved in the respect that it didn't chip quickly, which is a problem I've had with previous NARS polishes and that's great!  But as a minus, it took forever to dry and stayed sticky too long. It lead to a lot of dents and smears in my polish:

I also did my manicure in the dark, so it's also sloppy!

Bummer!  The thumb to the ring finger is Zulu but I painted Envy on my pinkie for comparison:

Envy is the lighter colour and is more of a mossy green while Zulu is more of a jewel tone. You can clearly see that Zulu lasted longer in wear when you check out the nail tips.  In addition, Zulu is the far glossier of the two.  I like them both but I'm leaning towards Zulu more, since it's shinier and was more durable but the slow dry time was irritating!  If you don't want to spend extra for a dark green look, then Envy is a good substitute.

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